Curious about the team behind Under the Pale Tree? You’re in the right place!

Under the Pale Tree was created in April 2011 by Verene, as a place for her to keep all of her opinions and speculating about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 in one place. She started playing Guild Wars at the end of 2008 and was instantly hooked, much to her surprise, and proceeded to play the hell out of it while also tracking every bit of info about Guild Wars 2 that was available. She’s a big sylvari fan and loves Mesmers, though her main in GW1 is a Dervish. You can follow her on twitter as @LadyVerene. She is the leader of the guild I Can Outtweet a Centaur [TWIT], based on Jade Quarry.

Also writing for Under the Pale Tree is Dak, who is not quite the lore nerd that Verene is (having not played GW1 much), but is still quite invested in GW2. He primarily plays as a Thief and can be followed on twitter at @DraconicDak.

Basically, we’re a pair of opinionated fans that like to write!

Need to contact me about something? verene@thepaletree.net (note: do not email me if you are trying to pitch any sort of advertising as the answer will always be no), or tweet us at @ThePaleTree.

Want to link me? Go for it! Here’s two image buttons as well as a logo if you want to go that route.


One thought on “About

  1. Hello Verene!
    I just created a blog myself for Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 on wordpress! Feel free to take a look at it as it expands over time!
    My favorite class is the Mesmer and it is hopefully the class that I will be playing when GW2 releases, though I am currently opting for the human race for purely aesthetic reasons – although the sylvari is a race that I am also interested in quite a bit (sylvari guardian?)!

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