Mallyx, you suck.

So, slowly my guild leader and I have been working away at Domain of Anguish. And when I say slowly, I do mean it – we first started tackling it over a year ago. He’s poked at it (hah, poked – he plays a Paragon) more than I have, and has finished all of the areas in it now. I still have yet to do Ravenheart Gloom (I’m lazy) and Foundry of Failed Creations (…screw that place). GL decided to give Mallyx a try.

And I got an email that simply says “Mallyx sucks”.

The design of the elite areas in GW has always been their weak point, in my opinion, but Mallyx is just bad in every way. I mean, let’s think about this for a moment. Enchantment use shuts down your skills. Hexes and conditions just translate into healing.


I play a Dervish. I am basically useless without enchantments. Sure, I can…auto-attack…with reduced armor…oh boy. No enchantments = monks are severely hampered. No hexes or conditions = see you later, Mesmers, Necromancers, and Elementalists. And don’t forget those stupid spirits that drain your energy, make it so that you won’t hit half the time, and so on…physical attacks are useless.

You have to have such a specific team setup to even hope to try and defeat Mallyx – and this team setup has to also be able to survive the initial waves of enemies before you get to fight the Margonape (as he’s been nicknamed). You’re basically shoehorned into very limited and specific roles if you want to have a chance at defeating this. And it’s ridiculous.

Meanwhile, since I want that damn statue, I’m in the process of completing Nightfall on my Ritualist. But it sure would be nice if I even had a chance to do it with my Dervish.


Become an ambassador!

On the Guild Wars 2 website, ArenaNet is holding an awesome contest – Become a Guild Wars 2 Ambassador! The challenge? To create a video, no longer than one minute, about why people should play GW2. The deadline is still over a week away, but I’ve seen many entries already for it, covering a large variety of video styles.

Of course, it being a video contest, a lot of people are going to look at it and go “but I don’t know how to edit video!”. Don’t worry about it. You don’t need to be some expert video editor with all of the top of the line equipment and programs to make a decent video. The most important part is to show your passion and excitement about GW2. I mean, I made a video, and I know nothing about video editing, nor do I even have a proper video camera – I just stuck my mom’s digital camera on a tripod and used Windows Movie Maker to add some music to the background. That’s literally all that it takes.

There’s a thread on Guild Wars 2 Guru where a collection is being made of all of the entries so far, and all are quite impressive. Above all, the videos do a great job of displaying why GW2 is going to be awesome and why people should be interested in it. And if you haven’t yet entered? You still have until May 12th. So why not give it a try? 😀