Guild Wars 2 Launch Event – September 1st!

Just a real quick note – ArenaNet is holding several launch events in five cities across the US on September 1st, with employees present to sign all your GW2 memorabilia, giveaways for both physical and in-game items, and a raffle at each event for a Collector’s Edition!
Since no event was hosted near Verene (very sadly, I might add) I’ll be headed to the Austin event myself!  Expect pictures, and if any readers are going to the same event it would be awesome to meet and chat.

Guild Wars 2 devs – “What was your favorite part of working on the game?”

Today is the day that Guild Wars 2 has officially launched. It’s almost hard to believe that this day is finally here! Okay sure, for many of us launch was three days ago, but today is the official day that the game is available worldwide.

We’ve talked plenty about our memories of waiting for the game and the like, but that’s just us, the fans. What about the developers? The teams working on the game? What were their favorite memories? What was their favorite part of being involved with the development of Guild Wars 2?

I asked that one single question, and got answers from a variety of people who have been working on the game over the course of the past half of a decade.

So, ArenaNet, just what was your favorite part of being involved with the creation of Guild Wars 2?

Colin Johanson, Lead Content Designer

My favorite part of the experience was the very first Gamescom, when we showed the game for the first time! Not knowing what the reaction would be like going into it and knowing how long the flight home would be if it didn’t go over well, I approached the weekend with equal parts nerves and excitement. Thankfully the weekend went amazing; our fans were incredible and so much fun to hang out with that weekend. The flight home turned out to be a time to reflect on a successful weekend and look ahead to PAX one week later where we’d get to show the game again. That weekend really set the tone for all of us at ArenaNet when we truly knew we were on to something, and it has been an awful lot of fun ever since!

Jonathan Sharp, Systems Designer

My favorite part was getting to see the first real PvP come together.  The classes, our first map, the secondary mechanic, traits…it all came together and it felt soooo nice after years of working on the game.  The first PvP we had in the game was actually me and Izzy EMAILING EACH OTHER our moves…
Me: ”I mind wrack you with my Mes..”
Izzy: “Fine, I shield block with my warrior and close the space.”
Me: “I swap weapons and dodge backwards…”

Martin Kerstein, Head of Community

When we showed our reveal trailer at gamescom, and people were literally crying with joy in the audience.

Kevin Millard, Game Designer

The moment I realized management wasn’t joking when they said “we’re not shipping until it’s ready”.

Leah Rivera, Game Designer

I’d have to say my favorite part is right now! The adrenaline rush of addressing issues is they surface and the excitement of knowing that I’ll get to share this game with countless people is an amazing feeling. I’m very proud of this game and pumped to share it with the world. It is ready! 🙂

Stephen Clarke-Wilson, Server Programmer

My favorite part of being involved with Guild Wars 2 was developing a new thread dispatcher that’s different from the one standard one in all the books.  Oh, and working with all these great people!

John Stumme, Guild Wars Live Team Lead

My favorite part of development for Guild Wars 2 has been watching something so incredible coalesce so brilliantly into the game that it is today, from what it once was. I was involved with initial design for GW2 the first two and a half years before I took over GW1, and it still amazes me how just how far the game has come, and how much our intensely talented team has been able to accomplish. Things were very different “back in the day” compared to the fantastic game you see before you now. In the before-times, we spent a good deal of our time theorycrafting what the game would be, what would set it apart from everything else, and writing  content on the promise of things to come. I feel like I spent an entire year doing nothing but writing battle chatter for NPCs. I… don’t know if I have any ways left in me for one being to express the intent to harm another anymore. I count myself fortunate that I’ve been able to support GW2, and watch it grow from the outskirts looking in. That means I’ve still got the entire experience ahead of me to savor, the same as any fan, and I am looking forward to being a part of that along with the rest of you!

So there you have it, folks. We get to hear what they loved most about working on this game, as well as a few interesting insights into its creation (the emailing of moves is gold).

Also, thank you to Colin, Jonathan, Martin, Kevin, Leah, Stephen, and John for taking the time to answer these questions, as well as to Regina for allowing me to do this in the first place (and for taking the time to ask everyone and collect the answers!). You guys, and everyone there, are all amazing.

We’re ready.

It’s here.

Tomorrow night, headstart is here.

It feels so weird, to think that in just over 24 hours, many of us will be logging into the game and creating characters that will not be wiped after a few days. That the servers aren’t going to go offline Sunday night.

Tomorrow, the game starts for real, and everything is for keeps.

Headstart officially begins at midnight PDT, in 27 hours. However, ArenaNet has said that they will bring the servers online as much as three hours early, which means we could be logging in 24 hours from now.

There are a few things that people should do before tomorrow night, though, to make sure that they’re ready!

  • Update your Guild Wars 2 client! I cannot stress this one enough. There have been many updates recently, so don’t wait until the last minute to update your client – do it early and do it often!
  • Figure out what server you want to play on! Sadly, guesting will not be in at launch, but there will be free server transfers available for a time. Still, it’s best to coordinate your server plans with your friends and, if you have one, your guild.
  • Make sure you have sustenance. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to be playing a lot. So are most people, I’m sure. Just don’t get so wrapped up in playing that you forget to eat or drink! Sleep and showering are also things to remember to do.

I’d also recommend figuring out your race/profession combos for your characters before tomorrow night, as well as their names. Also try and come up with some backup names in case the ones you want are already taken. That way you don’t have to waste time trying to come up with another name if you can’t take the one you had originally wanted.

As for my plans, my guild, I Can Outtweet a Centaur! will have Jade Quarry as our home world and that’s where I’ll be playing. Once guesting is up I’ll probably hop all over though, as I have a lot of friends that are going to other servers. I’ve got my characters alll set. I’ve already got gems for my extra character slot. I’ve got snacks and the like for tomorrow night.

I’m ready.

Are you?

Dance Dance Revolution

I really wish I had been able to play in the stress test yesterday, because at long last the /dance emote was added in. And I love dancing in games. Whenever I’m idling or waiting for something in Guild Wars, I hit /dance (or, if I’m on my Dervish, /dancenew to spawn the disco ball and then /dance). They’re just fun.

So I was slightly sad that I didn’t get to play with them myself. Then I started watching all of the dance videos on youtube and was just…dying laughing. On one hand, I was slightly disappointed because there’s only one dance per race – no differences for male or female characters. On the other hand, that’ll make syncing up the giant dance parties that will happen (as they always have) a lot more entertaining and easier.

And of course the dances themselves are great. Everyday the humans are shuffling, norn are doing the Carlton, asura like to pop, the charr do the haka, and the sylvari have a very energetic (and cheerful) Punjabi dance. There’s a video here that displays all of them, along with their inspiration (and music).

Also, if somehow you haven’t yet seen this, you need to. Looks like naked dancing in GW is a tradition that will never die.

A fond farewell

If you have not yet seen the Wayfarer’s Reverie quests in Guild Wars, do yourself a favor and go check them out.

Not because you get a Tormented weapon for completing them all…but because it’s a lovely, nostalgic look back at a game that many of us played for years.

I don’t think I spent an entire day in GW1 since I completed vanquishing Cantha – it’s been well over a year. I’ve completed the things I want to do, I’ve bought the items and armors I want, I’m at 45/50 in my Hall of Monuments, and I’m happy with that.

And yet that’s what I spent my Saturday evening and all day Sunday doing – playing Guild Wars. And I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun doing so.

Several members of my guild for GW2, I Can Outtweet a Centaur!, met up to do the Wayfarer quests. We had fun. We did stupid things while running from point to point. We spent 45 minutes failing at an easy dungeon because we wanted treasure. We sat under the Pale Tree, made jokes about all sorts of inappropriate things, and hung out in Eye of the North dancing while using hero tonics. And thanks to one of our guild members accidentally recording two hours of gameplay (and filling his harddrive in the process), we’ll have this on video forever.

We decided to do Fissure of Woe on Sunday afternoon. I had decided that I wanted to send off my oldest GW character, my Ranger and my nickname’s namesake with a set of Obsidian armor. I helped finance sets of Obby for three other guildies so that they could get the points for their HoM. This completely wiped out the remainder of the money I had in-game, but it was more than worth it. Almost anything would be worth having so much fun with such an amazing group of people.

But one thing that most of us realized during all of this…this is likely the last time any of us will really play GW1. We’ll still log in for events and the like, I’m sure, but the days of playing all the time are over. While this is because of Guild Wars 2 launching in a week and headstart being in just over four days…it’s really kind of sad. The GW-EN farewell party refered to it as an end of an era, and really…I can’t think of any better way to describe it. There will never be another game like Guild Wars again. It really was a one of a kind thing, a very unique sort of game.

But sometimes it’s time to move on. There reaches a point where you’ve done everything in a game, and it no longer holds the appeal it used to. I will always love GW1, but it will never again hold the same sense of wonder and amazement that it used to. It’s time for Guild Wars 2 to prove itself.

And so I say to you, my dear Guild Wars, farewell. And even if I don’t log in frequently, I will never stop loving this game. To everyone I have met because of this game – thank you, for so many things. You are all amazing.

I will see you all in Guild Wars 2 this weekend.

Kel (@ebonywolf21), Optimus Maleficus (@mr_ex, Malefic Incantations), AJ (@AJWolf84, The Lore Wolf), and myself.

A pair of star-crossed sylvari

Caithe and Faolain.

Two of the Firstborn sylvari – one born of Night, the other born of Dusk. Together the two left the Grove to explore Tyria, to see their world for their own. They became friends and lovers, but they are no longer.

That fact is not for a lack of trying on either of their parts, though.

I’ll admit that these two have intrigued me for a very long time. Caithe of course I instantly liked from the start, along with my love of the sylvari in general, and as I wrote about last week, the Nightmare Court – and it’s leader, Faolain – is also something that caught my interest. The fact that the two had been friends – one of the main characters of the game, and the leader of the evil sylvari faction (for a lack of a better term) – I thought that was neat, and was hoping it would be explored in-game.

And then Edge of Destiny came out, and it became clear that Caithe and Faolain’s relationship was not one of merely friends. They had been far more than that to each other.

(On a sidenote, I was amused at so many people completely missing that fact, to where Ree stated that yes, they were lovers.)

Their story – what we know of it, anyway – is the classic example of star-crossed lovers, of love gone tragically wrong. Two young friends who set out to explore the world and fall in love, until events tear them apart. Faolain is described as being a dark contrast to Caithe, having black hair, nails, and eyes. Caithe is a melee fighter; as a Thief she takes advantage of weak points in her enemies to bring them down quickly. We don’t know what profession Faolain is, other than that she is some sort of spellcaster; with her sorcery to back up Caithe’s physical fighting, the two would have made a formidable team.

We do not yet know what happened between the two of them. We don’t know what event it was that cause them to begin to walk towards the Nightmare. We simply know that it happened, and while Faolain embraced it fully, Caithe was able to step away before it took her as well. I am fervently hoping this is explored in-game (and I have an inkling that the Twilight Arbor dungeon will do just that). But, at the moment that Faolain fell and Caithe turned back, the two were separated from each other, no longer able to remain together as lovers.

And it’s pretty clear that this fact deeply hurts both of them, and that they still very much love each other, though they cannot be together.

Faolain, for her part, is desperate to have Caithe back at her side, and to bring her to the Nightmare Court. She does all she can to accomplish this. During Edge of Destiny, she poisons Caithe, with joining the Court being the only way to safely remove the poison, and then proceeded to shadow her throughout the book. When the poison made Caithe ill enough to nearly kill her, though, Faolain brought it back into herself, which turned her arm thorny and rotten, but leaving Caithe alive and well. Even as the head of the Nightmare Court, she’s not willing to kill her love, and harms herself to heal Caithe. Still, Faolain is determined, stating to Caithe that “Your heart belongs to me”. She wants the two to be together again – and for Caithe to be at her side in leading the Court.

Caithe is more of an enigma. During the book you do not see much that indicates that she still misses and loves Faolain, but she also strikes me as the sort that will put duty above personal matters. She is one of only two people who have seen Zhaitan and lived; she knows the threats the dragons bring. She is fully focused on that fact, and even after things fall apart in the end she wants to try and keep fighting on. But in-game…she’s a bit different. Time has passed, and reuniting the group is something that seems impossible. She’s instead turned her concerns to more local matters, while waiting for someone else brave enough to help her face the dragons.

Distance is the least of her problems, though…

There’s also a very melancholic air about her, though. She’s not happy, and there are hints all over of that fact and that it’s tied to Faolain. In the story parts that I played, Caithe dodges the subject of the Nightmare Court’s leader whenever it’s brought up, saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. You can find a book in her home titled “Long Distance Relationships: 10 Ways to Make it Work”. During the most recent stress test Dak was playing his sylvari and I tagged along for part of his personal story, where I caught part of a conversation between Caithe and Trahearne where Trahearne said that it was good to see her trust someone again. Though time has passed, Caithe still loves Faolain, and still wants her back. And it definitely strikes me that she would do almost anything, short of turning to Nightmare herself, to be back with her.

And so we have two sylvari, torn apart but still deeply in love with each other, still wanting each other, and both more or less heartbroken by their separation. Both willing to do almost anything to get the other back…but for the two things that would work. Caithe will always walk the edge – I’ve mentioned how much darker than other sylvari she is – but she will never embrace the Nightmare. And Faolain won’t – or can’t, if what Caithe said about never being able to turn back – give up Nightmare. The two are doomed to always plead with the other, but never to succeed. That barrier will always be there. And eventually things will come to a head between the two. As the dungeons are part of your personal story but revolve more around the members of Destiny’s Edge, if there is a big confrontation between Caithe and Faolain, it will likely happen in Twilight Arbor, the Nightmare Court dungeon.

Part of me can’t wait to see what happens, and very much hopes that more of their backstory is revealed during that. But another part of me dreads it, because whatever happens it will likely not be good for either character.

There will be no happy ending for Caithe and Faolain, no matter what happens.

Stepping into Nightmare

The Nightmare Court is not a subject I have written much about so far, despite the fact that, really, they fascinate me a lot. Of course, all things sylvari do, but the Court in particular is something I was interested in seeing more about.

But they were also a topic that we never really learned a huge amount about. However, with the Court being heavily a part of the early sylvari storyline, we’ve seen a fair bit of them now.

One thing that struck me about the sylvari is that they remind me of Jedi. Honor, helping others, and standing against evil is the core of what their society is based on. I also got the impression that the Nightmare is similar to the Dark Side of the Force – once you fall, that’s it. During a story quest I was doing, I even had Caithe say as much to me. Once that corruption takes hold, you’re done for, and there’s no going back. Caithe herself is described as walking the edge of Nightmare, due to her love for Faolain – she above all knows how dangerous it is, how futile it is to try and rescue someone who’s turned to Nightmare, and yet she cannot keep herself from trying to save her love and bring Faolain back to her.

Caithe herself I found to be especially dark for a sylvari – and also heartbreaking, in some ways. She’s not afraid to take actions that others would balk at – there was one point in the personal story where we had more or less captured a member of the Nightmare Court to get information. Caithe wanted to kill her after getting the info, and my character said, no, we should let her go. Caithe agreed…and then proceeded to kill the Courtier anyway. I was actually quite surprised at that. There’s also the fact that she’s very hesitant to talk about Faolain at any point I’ve seen so far, and there’s a certain book you can find in Caithe’s home that just made me go “…awwwwww…”. And yet, despite this, I can’t see any way that Caithe would ever completely give in to Nightmare. She’s tasted it and prowls the edges, but it’s the one thing she wouldn’t do to get Faolain back.

So. The Nightmare Court. Their main goal is to free sylvari from the teachings of Ventari’s Tablet, not believing that human and centaur philosophies are right for a completely new and different race. They also want to embrace and understand the nightmares found within the Dream, instead of simply ignoring them or trying to get rid of them. They wish to eventually corrupt the Pale Tree herself with these nightmares, freeing the sylvari from what they think are the shackles of Ventari’s teachings.

Of course, they do this by committing acts of evil in order to try and bring these nightmares to life wherever they go. I would compare them to the Dark Jedi of Star Wars, if not for one important difference – Dark Jedi tend to be destructive and horrid for their own selfish gains. Nightmare Court sylvari genuinely believe that what they are doing will eventually change and improve the sylvari race and their society.

In a Nightmare Court disguise

I’m sure most people won’t agree with the Court’s view, but they see the atrocities they perform as a means to an end. Among the members of the Court, there’s quite a large variety amongst how they act and behave. Among the Courtiers I met in the game, there was Sariel, a former student of Faolain’s who reveled in violence, Gavin, who did not care much either way and simply saw it a way to complete what he needed to do and still had a strong sense of honor, and the Knight of Embers, who was cold and deadly. They each have their own methods, their own views of things, while sharing the same ultimate goal.

If there is one thing that the Court tends to be, it is obsessed. They are constantly plotting and finding ways to try and spread Nightmare. They are constantly (forcefully) recruiting new members. If they think that something will help them with their goal, they will do it, no matter what it is. They are truly relentless, resorting to mind control to help turn sylvari to the Nightmare when needed. While it says on wiki that Courtiers have every last bit of virtue they had destroyed, I don’t 100% agree on this point – as I noted out above, there are Nightmare sylvari that still have strong sense of honor which is, after all, a virtuous trait. Of course, we don’t know how common sylvari like Gavin are within the Court – are many of the higher ranks that way, or is he an anomaly? Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain – the Nightmare Court will never be able to be completely defeated. It is based on an idea, and killing the members of the Court will not stop that. The Nightmare is born within the Dream, and it’s not unreasonable to think that it’ll be possible, even now, for sylvari to be born to Nightmare.

This is one thing I’m impatient to learn more about as we play through the game, and I’m especially excited to play through the Twilight Arbor dungeon, which is entirely about the Nightmare Court. There’s so much that can be explored here, and I definitely want to see what happens when Caithe and Faolain meet in game.

After years of waiting…

Five years now, since Guild Wars 2 was first announced.

Now, I haven’t been following it all that time. Five years ago, I had barely heard of Guild Wars at all – it was this game my brother and one of his friends played. My main memory of it at the time was my brother tackling his best friend in my store because his friend bought him a copy of Factions. I thought it looked interesting, but the whole “online game” part of it put me off – at this point I’d already tried both WoW and FFXI and hated both, so I wasn’t much into the idea of another MMO. He got really into it, and told me I had to try it. I decided, okay, I’ll give it a go. I made an Elementalist in Prophecies and played a bit, and it was decently fun, but didn’t grab my attention. So I left it.

About a year later, during the fall of 2008, a friend of mine started playing it. And got really into it. And insisted I had to play it. At this point, Prophecies was $20, so I decided why not. I’ll give it a go again. However, disaster struck – my mom’s computer decided that after running the game fine for ages it would no longer do so (and I had support completely baffled trying to figure it out), and my own computer was so old that it couldn’t run the game at all. My computer was also old and crappy enough that upgrading it was not an option. After a month or two of irritation, I managed to buy a second-hand computer from another friend and hurrah! I could run the game!

And history was made. Prophecies still had a hard time drawing me in, but a coworker bought me Factions for Christmas, and that was it, I was hooked. I bought myself and my brother both Nightfall that year just after Christmas. I got Eye of the North not much longer after that. I talked about it enough that my boyfriend bought the Platinum edition, and then I bought him a copy of Factions. When helping out at another store, I discovered they still had a Nightfall CE – and it was only $10! I bought it in a heartbeat. I managed to get the Factions CE online. I fell in love with the Dervish profession, and my Dervish became my main.

Then two things happened in pretty quick succession – the Guild Wars 2 announcement at gamescom in 2009, and me getting into twitter.

My first steps into actually becoming a part of the community began when I joined GuildMag as a designer for the magazine. My actual stint as one was rather on and off, and eventually I had to step down entirely as I simply did not have the time for it, but if not for that, and deciding to give twitter a try (I’ve had my account for ages but used to hate twitter) and following the other GuildMag members, I would not be writing this blog today.

The twitter community for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is amazing. Optimus writes a bit about it in an entry posted yesterday about the guild we’ve set up (which somehow I wound up as leader of!), but it was my slow involvement in the twitter community that gave me the idea of starting a blog of my own. Many of the people I had followed and became friends with were bloggers, and I enjoyed reading what they wrote, and I had plenty of ideas and thoughts of my own – so why not give it a try?

At this point, when I decided I was going to give blogging a try of my own, I’d been following Guild Wars 2 for almost 2 years. I’d heard of it before the announcement at gamescom, but there was precious little info. Still, I adored Guild Wars. Any sequel to it was something that would certainly pique my interest. Then gamescom 2009 came, and we got some info on it…and honestly, I was a bit put off at first! Persistent worlds? Oh, no! I loved how instanced GW1 was. I am, as a whole, not a terribly social gamer (which makes how things are now even funnier for me). I prefer to do things largely on my own, on my own schedule. I was also very wary of the idea of people coming along to screw up something I had been doing. I didn’t want to have to play with others people.

And that hesitation remained right up until I actually got to play during the first BWE. Now I realize that I was silly to be so down on that fact. But at the time it was a genuine worry.

I had fallen in love with the sylvari from the very first moment I saw them. I remember finding myself highly disappointed on how little they were ever shown and how little info about them we were ever given. When the redesign was announced, it made me even more impatient to see how they had turned out. I wanted to know their lore, what they believed, everything about them. I collected every bit of info about them that I could find, giving this blog a sylvari-themed name. While, strictly speaking, my blog is not sylvari-themed (beyond the name and color scheme), there’s no denying I do write about them a lot, and I rather pride myself in my knowledge of them.

And so in early 2011, I started up this blog. I began to write. I enjoyed it! At first I wrote a lot about Guild Wars 1, and I didn’t really set out to have any specific goals about my articles. I just wrote because I had thoughts that I wanted to express. I didn’t ever really share the blog around much, as I’ve always been afraid of showing off my stuff, worrying that what I write isn’t good enough and no one will care. And then, one of my early posts was retweeted by ArenaNet. It’s probably silly, but that fact put me over the moon. People actually did want to read what I wrote! And on top of that, the people working on the game, thought that what I wrote was worth reading!

At that point, I decided it was time to start taking blogging a bit more seriously.

It’s been a long road, but I feel I’ve carved myself out a small niche. I’ve scored an interview with some of the writers for Guild Wars 2, I was invited to help give away keys for BWE3, and mine and Dak’s posts about BWE3 were linked to in an ANet blog post. As a fan, who does this because I love it and I love this game and community so much? Those things are amazing. I’ve made a lot of friends, all of whom are amazing, and we talk about everything under the sun. We decided to start up a twitter community GW2 guild during BWE3, and wound up close to 40 members just over the weekend, and we decided to keep it going at launch. I got Dak interested in blogging – something that he’d never done before, and now I giggle whenever he flails about his posts getting linked around, because not so long ago at all I was in the same position he was – just amazed and surprised by it all.

And on top of that, blogging like this has made me realize what my real passion is.

So, thank you, ArenaNet, for making a game that has inspired such passion in people, and has given me years of amazing memories while just waiting for the game to release – and is sure to give us years more while playing the game.

This entry is for the fourth GuildMag blog carnival, “Five years of waiting“.

Prepare your wardrobe – armor previews!

So yesterday I did not get a whole lot of time to play during the stress test. I didn’t really want to start anything because of the limited amount of time I had to play, and originally my plan was to play with character creation and figure out what my sylvari mesmer and human thief will look like upon launch, and then do some exploring in Gendarran Fields.

And then someone mentioned in guild chat that you can preview just about every armor set in the Heart of the Mists.

…yup, totally a difficult decision there.

One of my misgivings about the game is that a lot of the low-level armor looks very samey, and that particularly among the light armors, a lot of it is unnecessarily skimpy. The look we got at the dungeon armors after the BWE put to rest a lot of those misgivings of mine, but still…what about all of the rest? There’s more than just dungeon, racial, and starter armor, after all!

It’s pretty much official that those misgivings are now in a coffin six feet under. There is so much variety out there. I think the light armors showed the most variety, but medium and heavy certainly aren’t lacking in options.

Here are some of my favorites…

One of the light sets – was titled “Champion”. I’ve loved this one since I first saw concept art of it ages ago – will have to have it 😀


If I remember correctly, this is the Whispers set for medium armor. This is what I’ll be aiming for for my human thief.

I don’t recall the name of this one, but it’s my favorite of the heavy sets. My sylvari guardian will have to have it.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get all of the medium armors, as one or two of the early ones glitched out and weren’t working properly on the preview, and I don’t have the racial armors for human, norn, charr, or asura. All armors are how they’d appear on a female sylvari. Still, I had over a hundred screenshots in total when I was done – which is a damn impressive number of sets! I only wish I’d gotten the names of them – even though I had it hovered over with the names visible when taking the caps, they only show in a few of the light armor caps. If you’re interested in checking out all of them, I have them uploaded to an album on Under the Pale Tree’s facebook page. All public of course, so if you don’t have facebook you can still view them.

What do you think of the armor selections and variety? What sets do you like the most?