The Final Day

Well, folks, it’s finally here! It’s been a long time coming, but Heart of Thorns is releasing tonight. Just under 16 hours from now, we’ll all be taking our first permanent steps into the Verdant Brink. No more beta characters that’ll have their progress reset when the weekend’s over. This is it.

I had grand plans of writing up things to do in order to prepare for the expansion launching but…not only have others already done that (and I may or may not agree with their advice), the end of this month feels like it just snuck up on me. Even now it feels almost surreal that today is October 22nd, tomorrow is October 23rd, and Heart of Thorns goes live tonight. The past two months since PAX Prime and the announcement of the release date have simply flown by.

So, when it comes down to it…my only real advice is to have fun. Whether your plans are to immediately make a revenant and tome it to level 80, or to unlock as much of an elite specialization as you can…

I'm going to need to find that waterfall.

I’m going to need to find that waterfall.

…make plans to unlock your guild hall, or immediately begin powering in on your masteries so you can go gliding wherever (it’s falling with style!)…



…diving right away into Fractals with the new levels and rewards, or if Halloween is more your thing…

Mad King Says...kneel!

Mad King Says…kneel!

…have fun. Savor it. An expansion launching is not something that happens every day, especially one that adds so many new systems that fundamentally change the game, and especially not one that coincides with what’s likely the most-loved festival in the game. There’s going to be so much to do, so much new stuff in just a few hours. Enjoy it. Take your time. Don’t forget to eat and sleep. Report bugs that you find.

And, have fun, because…