Super Adventure Earworm

There have been dozens of posts about the most recent addition to Guild Wars 2, the Super Adventure Box. Put short, it’s great, and if you haven’t tried it yet, go do so. Yes, it’s basically one huge jumping puzzle. However, if you suck at jump puzzles (like I usually d0), Infantile Mode is adorable and lots of fun. There’s also a chance for the Super Weapons to drop out of the boss chests when you’re playing on normal mode – Optimus got two Super Sword Skins the other day, and I got my Super Shield Skin I’ve been coveting last night.

Put short, this is a really great update.

My personal favorite part of it, though?

The music.

So, I have been gaming pretty much my entire life. I’m 27 years old, born in 1986. My parents got an NES for Christmas in 1988, and I would watch – and then play – games like Mario, Zelda, Dragon Warrior, and Final Fantasy with my parents. These are the games I grew up on, and have heavily influenced my taste in games ever since – I still vastly prefer JRPGs over WRPGs, and I love action adventure games. Everything about the Super Adventure Box is a throwback to these games, from the hilariously bad NPC “translations” (“This water tastes improper” when you first encounter the poison pools is a favorite of mine), to the hidden rooms with secret items, to the screen you get when you die…and of course, the music itself.

The songs you hear while playing Super Adventure Box will get stuck in your head. And they will heavily remind you of games from 20-25 years ago

Yup, prepare to be humming that all day.

Or better yet, just listen to all of it! ArenaNet was kind enough to upload all of the SAB music to their SoundCloud, for all to hear.

Now if you’ll excuse me…have these songs stuck in my head again…