A brief wishlist

So, there’s a ton of things that we’d all like to see added to GW2, and we have Heart of Thorns coming Soon™. So, here’s a few things I’m hoping we’ll get!

(I’m not saying that any of these are likely, or even possible. They’re just small things I’d love to have.)

More Character Customization Options.

We get new faces, hairstyles, and hair colors every so often, but there’s other customization options that could stand to get some updates. Skin tones (for all races – this includes charr fur colors). Sylvari skin patterns and glow colors. Charr fur patterns. And, to my mind the one that needs updating the most, norn tattoos and colors.

cust2There are so few tattoo options available, and the color palette is tiny. With the number of colors available in the game, I feel like this can be expanded massively.

Related to that, I’d love to see scars as something that’s customizable – have it an added “body feature” channel, like glow and skin patterns and tattoos are. I don’t want it to just be available on a single norn face and that’s it – expand it to something that can be added to all faces, and bodies as well, on all races. Similarly, I’d like to see makeup being a separate channel instead of something that’s just a part of the face selection. There are quite a few faces I like but don’t care for the makeup they use.

Make Hair Accessories Dyeable.

Certain hairstyles have accessories with them. You get to select the color during creation. You can’t ever change this color again unless you use a makeover or hairstyle kit. And the colors are limited to the starter palette.

cust3And adding to that, certain hairstyles have accessories where part of it has colors that cannot be changed. For example, Katta above. The gold on the bow? You cannot change that color. You can only change the center part (that I have white right now).

I’d love to see accessories added as dyeable channels on the hero panel. If an accessory has more than one colored area, like in the example above, let us dye them both. And let us use the full complement of our dyes, instead of just the starter colors. I’d love to be able to dye the bow to better match her armor (Cyanide and Redemption) but, alas, I currently cannot.

Show Locked Skins in the Wardrobe Panel.

Okay. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, character looks are incredibly important to me. I fully am into Fashion Wars 2.

Recently, the dye panel was updated to show all colors, not just ones you’ve unlocked – locked ones were visible and previewable as well.

dyesThis made previewing dye combos on armor so much easier – if you were unsure about how a dye would look, you could actually preview it in the correct channel. And if you want a dye you don’t yet have, you can look it up in the trading post from the dye panel. It was, to be quite honest, an awesome update.

I’d like to see it pushed a bit further, though.

wardrobeI want to see skins I still have locked when I’m on this panel. I want to be able to preview them with dyes in the proper channels, so I can better build my armor combos. Different armors take dyes differently, or don’t mix together as well as you’d think. Let me make my fashion game even more fun!


Okay, so this is not a cosmetic thing, finally. And since they’re in the midst of announcing Guild Hall stuff, there’s always the possibility that the answer to my wish will come later today. We’re already going to be getting cross-guild chat. So let’s just take that a step further, and make alliances a thing. A lot of guilds have already formed informal alliances (my guild is one of them), so just let us make it official and let everyone work together.

A Dragonite Eater.

We have Mawdrey. We have the Star of Gratitude. Give us something to chomp on Dragonite. Please. I’ve deleted more stacks of the stuff then I care to think about.

More Uses for Karma and Obsidian Shards.

Karma’s always struck me as this weird currency that they can never quite decide what to do with. It can be useful while leveling to gear out characters without spending much in the way of actual money, but once you’re leveled and geared out, it pretty much just has two uses. Buying obsidian shards, and buying gear to throw into the mystic forge and then salvage. There’s not a whole lot else to do with it.

Similarly, obsidian has two uses – legendary weapon crafting, and refining ascended materials. There’s nothing else you can do with it. And if you play in the Silverwastes at all, you’ll soon find yourself with not only a large amount of karma, but a lot of obby shards.

I imagine that with the introduction of precursor crafting, we’ll see more uses for karma and obby, but even so, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Bring Back Dreamthistle Weapons!

Okay, this is a silly one. But the only one I got before was the greatsword and I’d like to get my hands on some of the others without spending unholy amounts of gold.

So, as you can see, there’s a few small things I’m interested in seeing. I’m not holding out my hopes on most of them, but I’ll be pleased to see any of these happen!