New Dynamic Event: Centaurs invade the Underworld!

So a few nights ago, a few friends (TriggerSad, Sharn_Vendeta, and damagedself) decided to try an Underworld run. We ultimately didn’t succeed (damn you Talhkora and your over-aggroing ways), but we did have a lot of fun. A lot of the chat we had on skype was about Guild Wars 2 and things from it we missed – such as the fact that we couldn’t jump (would have been very helpful at some points) and couldn’t dodge.

And then Sharn used his Zhed tonic, said “New dynamic event! Centaurs are invading the Underworld!”, and it got me thinking.

I would really, really love to see the Underworld as a dungeon in Guild Wars 2.

Now, nothing as silly as “centaurs are trying to take over”, but, honestly, how cool would that be, to be able to see how the UW has changed in the 250 years since GW1? I mean, obviously things are still active there, considering how portals to the Underworld will open up all over Godslost Swamp, where the Black Curtain and Temple of the Ages used to be. Aatxes are among the things that spawn from the portals when you destroy them – yes, those same Aatxes. And then there’s the Shadow Behemoth itself, that may break out of the Underworld and needs to be defeated.

It seems to me like things in the Underworld have worsened since Dhuum’s awakening.

I also think it’s an area that would benefit heavily from a GW2 upgrade, in terms of game mechanics. The Underworld in GW1 is a twisted maze that’s not easy to navigate, by any means. So many times we found ourselves looking down on where we needed to go, wishing we had a z-axis so we could just jump down. Also, the area is already set up as a chain of quests; imagine how neat it would be if those were replaced with a series of dynamic events, with things changing depending on what you did. Of course, as it would be a dungeon it would be instanced, so if you did ‘win’ a specific area you wouldn’t have to worry about respawns coming along to destroy all of your hard work. The presence of waypoints would also greatly help out here, as there’s nothing so frustrating as spending two hours clearing things and completing quests only to die and get kicked back out.

I think that if we get extra content between expansions, some of it will likely consist of a new dungeon or two. I really think that the Underworld as a dungeon would be great for that sort of thing, and I doubt I’m the only person that would want to see that old haunt return with an upgrade, and how things have changed over the years. What do you think? What area from GW1 would you like to see return in some manner?

8 thoughts on “New Dynamic Event: Centaurs invade the Underworld!

  1. Just to provide more options for the explorable mode of the dungeon, I’m thinking the Underworld should be embroiled in a three-way civil war. Grenth and his Reapers trying to restore order would be the player-friendly side. The guaranteed player-enemy would be Dhuum, freed from his re-weakened prison, and his minions. The third side, which could fluctuate between player-friend and player-foe… why, none other than Mad King Thorn and his Lunatic Court.

  2. I’ve always thought that it was interesting that we were able to access the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe (Grenth’s and Balthazar’s Domains respectively) but no content was ever added for any of the other gods. I’ve always had a nagging feeling that they had plans to add the other gods realms and never did.

    If Anet doesn’t want to have to worry about people complaining about changes to the UW or FOW, they could always open up Melandru’s, Lyss’ or Dwayna’s realms. Or Kormir’s I guess, I would be interesting to see how the Realm of Torment has changed under new ownership.

    Only obstacle I see against opening the god’s realms is that according to the lore of GW2, the God’s are not responding to prayers, and obviously it requires prayer (/kneel) to enter those realms.

    • Well I have an idea as to how we could enter those realms, and it’s actually pretty simple. Asuran portals. I mean, we already know that there are means for creatures in the mists (in this case the Underworld) to enter the Tyrian realm through tears, and the asura were able to use the portal left by Balthazar in Lion’s Arch to create a network in the mists for battle (sPvP and WvW). An asuran portal maker can easily find a way into the Underworld through a tear in the Godslost Swamp and make a portal that connects both sides. Heck, the story mode for the dungeon could be to help set up the portal for the scientist!

    • I think the silence of the Gods is a bit… qualified. If there were no divine contact at all, then the human racial skills would be thrown out the window. Perhaps the unresponsiveness is limited only to direct two-way contact with the Gods; tapping into a God’s power to heal or summon fiery hounds is still valid due to the fact that it doesn’t require conscious interaction, just a sort of sympathetic connection. I’m being totally theoretical (to the point where I’m almost getting into asuran-level technobabble) but I think that given low-intensity responses are possible as proved by the human racial skills, I see no reason why portals in to the Realms of the Gods couldn’t be created.

      If not… well, we know that the Realms of the Gods are located in the Mists. And the player races have access to the Mists, as shown by WvW. Who’s to say that we couldn’t reach the Realms of the Gods indirectly by traveling there through the Mists?

    • I would really, really love to see realms for the other gods. They’re all so unique, it would be really awesome to see how they were represented in their own realms.

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